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A mother who wrote a tale

Zsuzsanna Ábrahám is the mother of two daughters and attending the final grade of the Academy of Kindergarten Teachers in Sopron. As she wrote her thesis she got conscious of how the localism of the people living along the shore of Lake Fertő has diminished. She would like to revive it with the help of a trilingual story book taking place in the region Lake Fertő.

Piros is the last mermaid in Lake Fertő, and Florian is an Austrian fisher boy. The story of their meeting is the basis to “Tales from around Lake Fertő”, the first (but certainly not the last) story book of Zsuzsanna Ábrahám, a mother born in Fertőszentmiklós, now living in Sopron. However, the story tells a lot more – moreover in three languages…

- I chose customs and traditions around Lake Fertő as main theme of my thesis. I was born here, live in the vicinity, have always been interested in this theme, and now had the opportunity to examine it thoroughly. There were several surprises – tells Zsuzsanna Ábrahám about the birth of the book. She began to explore the local patriotism of the inhabitants of the region: how much they know about local legends, if kindergarten- and schoolchildren know the legend about the creation of Lake Fertő, how much people feel them bound to the region.

- I got to know that there are excellent individual concepts and initiatives, however, a local patriotism within the entire region Lake Fertő is lacking totally. If compared to the region Rábaköz, our region would lose a competition on the knowledge about and the binding to our closest surroundings. Among the tales, songs and folk songs I found barely regional ones and neither did they know the legend of the lake. As I got conscious of this, the idea came: A storybook could help – told the creator of Piros and Florian, the story of whom got illustrated by Evelin Dankó who graduated in Sopron.

- I would like the story to reach as many children as possible. This is the reason why the tale is written in three languages – justifies the author her decision. In case of positive feedback the tales of the last Mermaid will be continued.


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