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Stories about the Region Fertő

With the title “Tales from around Lake Fertő” Zsuzsanna Ábrahám wrote a trilingual storybook. The issue tries to present the values of the region as well.

– Presently I am graduating in Sopron as Kindergarten teacher, and as I was researching for my thesis the idea came: there is need for a storybook with the help of which I could offer both the children and their parents a better binding to their closest environment. I have always been interested in things related to small children. As theme for my thesis I chose “Customs and traditions around Lake Fertő”. I examined the kindergartens around the lake, not just from the point of view of tales and rhymes but also checked if they prepare folk toys or instruments. What do we include from the traditions of our ancestors to our everyday life? – began Zsuzsanna Ábrahám about her storybook.
The author assessed in general that in every village excellent events are organized, from the Pumpkin Festival in Fertőszéplak and the Nut Festival in Fertőhomok to the Elderberry Festival, but a unique “consciousness of Lake Fertő” lacked entirely. – I experienced that there are even children who don’t know that they live on the shore of Lake Fertő, in the direct vicinity of it. Then I thought it a good idea if I could somehow bring this “consciousness of Lake Fertő” nearer to the children? I would introduce them the region to make them feel what a cool place they live in, how great it is to live here and what magnificent programs they can choose from. Beside that I thought it important to introduce what our ancestors did or how Lake Fertő was born – told the mother of two children.

This is how the volume with the title Tales from around Lake Fertő was created. The book includes two lovely stories. – One central figure of the story is Piros, the last mermaid in Lake Fertő, the other Florian, an Austrian fisher boy, telling their stories each other. The reader gets familiar with the creation of Lake Fertő, and also the Fairy Festival of Sopron.

- My elder daughter was touched by the legend of Lake Fertő, the story of the girl with the jug – admitted the author.
Zsuzsanna Ábrahám told also about the importance of tales. – The world of tales, widening the phantasy should be present in every family. I would like them to get to love this region even more through these stories. In college we learned that tales are best told freely. Nevertheless, I see that children look for visuality very much. In the book on one page there is a picture for the child to look at and on the other page there is the text. It is a curiosity for the book to be published in three languages: Hungarian, German and English – said the author whose long term plan is to prepare a series of tales for which she is looking for supporters.


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